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Gold Card

“We made music that best and truthfully expressed ourselves. We hope that when you listen, even if it’s a little bit, you will be able to relate to it and there would be a change in  your mood and be happy Please listen to it comfortably. We will listen together with you all. With Sehun and Chanyeol hyung.”

Thank You Message

“It’s kind of obvious, but a lot of people worked hard and did a good job. There might be a lot of people who must have had a hard time because I felt that i bothered them/give them trouble. Whenever that happens, I always say “You’ll be blessed.” After that, I’m sure they’ll be blessed. While preparing for this album, I had a lot of happy worries and pleasant stress. You all have worked hard, do enjoy it now.”

credit: SehunBubs and Hunniesday