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April 06, 2021

Sehun will be joining Song Hye Kyo (female lead) and Jang Ki Yong (male lead) in a new SBS drama, “Now, We Are Breaking Up”.

Sehun will be playing as “Hwang Chi Hyung”, a rookie designer, younger brother of the director of the design team, Hwang Chisook (to be played by Choi Hee-Seo) and the son of the CEO, Rep. Hwang (to be played by Joo Jin-mo) of a fashion company named “The One”. An intelligent character who is quick with numbers, proficient at reading the room and conveys what he wants to say in one sentence. He also has a heartwarming visuals and is cute, sly/ cunning and outspoken/feisty at times.

“Now, We Are Breaking Up” is a sweet, salty, spicy, sour & bitter breakup act that reads ‘Goodbye’ & ‘Love’. The team will begin the filming in April and expected to air in November this year.

This news has been confirmed by Sehun’s agency, SM Entertainment.

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