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Here’s the translation for SeChan’s Q&A.

Q: How do you feel coming back 1 year later with your first full length album after releasing your mini album?
SH: We worked hard to produce a great album as much as the fans have waited. I hope that many people will listen and relate to it a lot as much as the effort we’ve put in producing this album.

Q: Express 1 Billion Views in 10 words.
SH: Let’s listen to 1 Billion Views, 1 billion times!

Q: Just like the last album “WAL’, you’ve participated in the lyrics, 3 of your self-composed songs made it into the album. How was composing the songs? How did you find your inspirations?
SH: I’d looked back on the time from my childhood days until now and thought a lot while writing the lyrics. It was great thinking back on my past experiences, the fun and difficult moments and seeing how busy I’ve came along this whole time.

Q: Your own solo songs are included in the album this time, could you share your thoughts on each other’s solo songs?
SH: Chanyeol hyung’s solo song, ‘Nothin’ had a comfortable beat to listen to. It’s a high quality song made with a great beat and addictive lyrics so I hope you all will listen to it a lot.

CY: I feel that Sehun’s solo song ‘On Me’ really expresses himself very well. Sehun’s awesome performance is also included in the now-revealed track MV so I think you will enjoy more if you watch it while listening to it.

Q: Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko was in charge of producing the album this time, how do you feel working together again? Do you have an artist that you want to work with?
SH: Because Gaeko hyung is our country’s best rapper and producer, so deciding to work with him again on music was an easy decision to make. i’ve got a lot to learn from him music wise, and personally he’s a very good hyung.

Q: Do you have a goal you want to achieve through this album?
SH: Instead of a huge goal, I just hope more people would listen to and like our songs more than the last album.

Q: Lastly, a few words for each other.
SH: Hyung, let’s go all the way to the end like this!
CY: Sehun, than you for doing well with me this year. I’m really glad that we are able to work on music enjoyably together.

credit: SehunBubs

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