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April 13, 2020

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Interview Translation:
Q: The teen that once wore uniforms & shouted ‘growl’ is wearing suits and holding wine glass today. 8 years has passed like this, what what change do you see in you from your debut days till now?

SH: Hearing that 8 years has already passed, suddenly everything from my debut days till now appears like a roll of film. Time really passes quickly. Looking back, we really didn’t know anything during our debut days. We were just kids who love to sing and dance following the schedules set by the company.

Now that I’m older and have experience, my thoughts and actions have become a lot different. I have the feeling that I’m more of an adult now.

Q: If a genie appears and asks you for your wishes, what would you wish for?

SH: I had similar conversations with my friends when the movie came out. My friends said it must be nice to have lots of money and also receive love. However I said, “I don’t need 3 wishes, I just need one. The ability to move people’s hearts.”

There have been times my friends were hurt because of me that’s because I didn’t understand the hearts of other person. There were many times I felt apologetic because I couldn’t comfort my friends who were hurt. That’s when I realized everyone has different thoughts.

Everytime such things happen, I used to think, if I could push people’s hearts to the good side, wouldn’t everyone be a little more at peace and happy? It would be great if the hearts of everyone around me don’t get hurt emotionally.

Q: What kind of person do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

SH: I think about it sometimes too, “How I’ll be like when I’m 35 years old?”. But the more I think about it, the more I don’t know. Even if I have plans for my future, there are too many variations in this occupation (entertainment industry). I think working hard in each passing moment would be better.

Q: What do you wish to do in the distant future with EXO members?

SH: Not too long ago, I watched GOD senior’s show called, “Shall we walk together” and I really like it a lot! I thought about us also during such a program 10 years later.

If that’s possible, we’ll be sharing stories like “We only got older, but, our hearts are still the same as the past”, “It was really fun back then”. What we can’t say now, I think we’ll probably be able to say it comfortably, then.

Q: The other members have described you as “A maknae that isn’t like a maknae”, “A maknae that’s like a reliable hyung” in their interviews.

SH: I somehow became the one in charge of getting the members together (smiles). In EXO, I’m the kind to initiate gatherings. As I’m the kind to feel a lot, the sight of the members gathering together, my heart can’t help but to feel secure.

Q: Up until now, you’ve done a lots of activities as “EXO’. What was the most memorable moment?

SH: These days, I think a lot about the times we promoted our 5th Full Album<Don’t Mess Up My Tempo> and 5th Full Album Repackage <Love Shot> before D.O. and Xiumin hyung enlisted.

Q: Is there any photo from today’s photoshoot that you think the best is?

SH: Personally I like suits. So I like all the photos with suits. Wearing a suit makes me feel very different from how I feel from I usually dress. Was it 10 years ago? Suho hyung said, “One’s attitude changes depending on the clothes he wears”, and I agree with that. Your attitude really changes with your outfit. Suits makes my shoulders look broader so I feel more confident. I feel more handsome/cool when wearing suits (smiles).

Q: While preparing for the interview, I saw a comment saying, “Sehun’s features are clearer that my future”. Even during today’s shoot, I heard some exclamation of “handsome” everywhere. So, what do you think about your appearance?

SH: Haha, there was such a comment? While reading fans’ comments, I always find them amazing. How do they think like that?

My looks, hmmm… many people say that I’m handsome. (Sounds like he was very popular when he was young?) Honestly, I was never an unpopular guy (laugh). Many people comment on how pretty my nose is and after we get close they’ll even ask like, “By chance, did you have a nose surgery?”

However, once during a holiday I want to my grandfather’s house & saw a photo of him which shocked me. Our noses were exactly the same. Because my grandfather passed away before I was born, I’ve never got to see him in person. I found it so fascinating. Seems like I have inherited such good genes.

Q: We heard that you like sports too.

SH: When I was young I liked soccer. After my debut, I went to the gym diligently, although I’m resting for a while now.

Recently, I enjoy swimming. When we have overseas activities, I’ll go swimming at the hotel pool in the morning, that’s how much I like it. Honestly, I was afraid of water but wanted to overcome it, so I started swimming about 3 years ago.

Q: Do you have any traumatic experience with water?

SH: No. But in the past, whenever I was in water I would feel like I was trapped in it so I couldn’t be in water for a long time. i heard that swimming would make your body lines pretty (laugh) so i excitedly started learning to swim with a help of a coach and now, I can do well alone.

But I’m still afraid to swim in the sea. If I don’t have a life jacket i will never enter the sea. When I have time I’ll never enter the sea. When I have time I’ll also play badminton or play table tennis with my friends.

Because of my height, since I’m tall, people think that I play basketball but, in reality, I really can’t play it well.

Q: It’s unbelievable that a man over 180 centimeters can’t play basketball. What do you think the stereotypes and prejudices people have about “EXO’s Sehun”?

SH: I’ve heard a lot say that I look “cold” & “haughty”. Actually, I don’t smile much when I’m with people that I’m not close to.

However, once I get close with someone, I talk a lot and have lots of aegyo. I like meeting people as well.

Q: What are your plans for this year?

SH: We are actively in talks about our unit activities, and if there’s a good offer, I’d like to continue acting too. There are no detailed plans yet.

For the past few years, we’ve been running with plans & I’m kinda tired. With this break, I’d like to take things slowly and fill the emptied parts calmly.

Q: What would you like to do during a long break?

SH: I want to learn English. As I am constantly doing overseas activities, I always wish I could speak English more freely. I have received a lot of lessons, but because of the continuous schedules, the flow has been cut off and I wasn’t able to improve my skills.

Q: I don’t think Sehun has a homebody style.

SH: Back in days, even if I had just a bit of free time, I would go out and meet someone. I felt like talking to people helped relieve my stress. These days, however, I just like to stay home.

In the past, I could never understand the phrase, “Home is the best”, but now I can understand how fun it is to lay at home and just roll about. On days without schedules, I will just rest, think, watch movies, order delivery food and settle everything at home.

Q: The concept of today’s shoot was “Youth”, which glorifies the greenest moment in life. When do you think is your most beautiful youth?

SH: Youth refers to young people in their 10s and 20s, right? I don’t think the word youth must be limited to the younger generation. If we have the heart, we can be youthful anytime.

There’s saying “It hurts, because it’s youth”, there are many ways in which this goes well. In that sense, there are moments of my youth which has passed unknowingly but I know there will be more coming, so I look forward to it. Maybe, it might be even this moment. Right now.

Q: How do you feel when you’re on stage?

SH: Even though I have so much stage experience, while being on stage, I’m always nervous and I think it’s because I wanted to present the best side of me to our fans.

With a large audience we can’t make any mistakes. Even if we do, we will just pretend as if nothing happened and move on (laughs). But this makes me even more nervous. Even then, when I stand on stage, there are lots of “good feelings” I could get.

Q: When you’re working as EXO, as a unit, and when you’re on your own schedule like today, do you feel any difference?

SH: It feels totally different. When I work as EXO, I unconsciously rely on other members. The amount of time you have to handle and the amount of time you feel relaxed and less nervous is more and shared as well. The same goes for when working as a unit.

On the other hand, when I do schedules alone, I feel more responsible that I have to do well and I’m more burdened. But now that I’ve already done a few photoshoots alone, I can enjoy myself while doing them.

Q: So far, you have tried various styles of music and styling, including dance, hip-hop and reggae. Which one of them was best suited your taste?

SH: There were times where my personal preference and what I want to wear were different from what the stylist had decided. But I do remember them as times that has now become as good nourishment for me and a fond memory.

In EXO, there are many members, and we had to discuss with the stylist too if we had an opinion. But it’s not easy for the coordinator to take every member’s opinion into consideration.

In activities with Chanyeol hyung, we were able to show more of our own preferences, so it was really fun making music that I really wanted. Our personalities and music preferences matched very well and we had so much fun that we didn’t realise time was passing.

Lyrics, Music Video, and even the styling, we had it all as what we liked. So in the future, I’ll be able to confidently say that “EXO-SC” style is my style.

Translation credit: Cherish_Sehun94