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September 17, 2020

“Hello everyone, I’m DrJart’s model(spokesperson), Sehun. How’s everyone getting by? I’ve been great. I miss everyone so much! I heard that every one is curious about my skincare lifestyle hence I’ll be specially showing it to you guys only. Everyone follow me, Although I have many schedules, I will also set aside things to accomplish during my rest/break time because I will feel more energized and happy that way. When I’m caring for my skin, I will also check if my skincare products contains moisture! Are you willing to join me in experiencing the wonders of what Cicapair series will bring to your skin? On 22nd of September, 8pm CST/9pm KST, I will be having a live broadcast on Taobao! There, you guys will have a chance to win a FaceTime with me! And then, I will share my secret tips of my skincare routine so see you guys! I will be waiting for you guys at TianMao”

Translation credit: @hunniesday

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