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Sehun Instagram Update 4/21/20
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EXO PLANET #5: EXplOration– Live Album
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Exploration’s Live Album has been released to different music platforms. Click the link below to listen.

Apple Music | iTunes | Spotify | Youtube Music
Melon | FLO | Genie | Naver Music

Exploration in Japan – Live Album
Mu-mo | Music-Book | Dwango | Mora | Google Play
AWA | Spotify | Line Music

Baekhyun and Suho’s Magazine Interview
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Part of Baekyun’s Magazine Interview with W Korea and Suho’s interview with Allure Magazine were they both mentioned Sehun.

Q: Soon, it’s time to celebrate the 8th anniversary of EXO’s debut, so let’s talk about when history began. Vocal, but the first time you had to digest a difficult dance, how was your heart?

BH: I just felt a little greedy. I do not want to be remembered as a person who cannot dance. Fortunately, for me and Chen, who joined the team lately, the members would teach until dawn. Kai took Chen and Sehun took me. While confronting who taught better and better. I grew a lot while practicing together.

Q: Out of all the members, who knows Suho the best?
Suho: Sehun. He’s the closest to me. Sehun was the baby then.

Q: What about the member that Suho thinks he knows best?
Suho: Sehun, of course.

Gallery Update: Obsession and What A Life Kihno Digital Photoboo...
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Updated the gallery with EXO’s Obsession and EXO-SC What A Life Digital Photobook from the Kihno version of each album.

18.jpg 20.jpg 26.jpg 22.jpg

Gallery Links:
Home > Album > EXO-SC > What Life Kihno – Digital Photobook
Home > Album > EXO > Obsession Kihno Digital Photobook

FLO Update: Version 4
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EVnLhxxVAAA5ebR.png EVnLktLUMAEl1JO.png EVnLm4IU8AAXJ7J.png EVnW90vU8AAnBoL.jpg

Gallery Link:
Home > Miscellaneous > FLO > Version 4

EXO-L Japan: Sehun and Chen’s Pottery Experience
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Conversation: (0:49-1:10)
SH: You have to be bold with it, hyung.
JD: Ohh~!
SH: That’s it~ Got to be bold with it.
JD: Okay, I got it.

SH: You’re good at it though?
JD: Oh, that’s great~
SH: Was I bad at it then? (ー̀֊ー́)
JD & (staff): ^w^ㅋㅋㅋ

credit: Xunhuas

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