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October 17, 2020

“The latest full version of Sehun’s Cicapair video! Quickly come & explore secret tips for a glowing skin w/ Sehun. Next, trouble everybody to appreciate Professor Wu’s exceptional beautiful face”

September 28, 2020

Some behind the scene footage of Dr. Jart+’s spokesperson, Oh Sehun.

September 17, 2020

“Hello everyone, I’m DrJart’s model(spokesperson), Sehun. How’s everyone getting by? I’ve been great. I miss everyone so much! I heard that every one is curious about my skincare lifestyle hence I’ll be specially showing it to you guys only. Everyone follow me, Although I have many schedules, I will also set aside things to accomplish during my rest/break time because I will feel more energized and happy that way. When I’m caring for my skin, I will also check if my skincare products contains moisture! Are you willing to join me in experiencing the wonders of what Cicapair series will bring to your skin? On 22nd of September, 8pm CST/9pm KST, I will be having a live broadcast on Taobao! There, you guys will have a chance to win a FaceTime with me! And then, I will share my secret tips of my skincare routine so see you guys! I will be waiting for you guys at TianMao”

Translation credit: @hunniesday

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June 16, 2020

Another special video was released by Dr. Jart+ after reaching the goal that they set yesterday.

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June 06, 2020

“Hello everyone, I am EXO Wu Shixun, the brand spokesperson of Dr. Jart in China region. I’m very happy to see everyone in this Tmall Beauty 618 event. Today, I’m going to share a little bit of my skincare routine with you. I usually have a dry skin, so I use Dr.Jart+ facemask. In just 10 minutes (Your) skin will be as moisturized as mine. At Dr.Jart+ official flagship store, the 618 pre-sale has officially started so make sure to remember it! I love you! Thank you!”

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June 06, 2020


Because everyone’s voice for a new merch is too high, after gathering your feedbacks, we’re here to give you the second round of new merchandise. Purchase them now! Take a look at the [Sehun Poster] and [Sehun Transparent Polaroid Card]. It contains blue and green pills which was personally selected by Sehun. Price: 460 Yuan (the original price is 1450 Yuan). Limited of 3000 pcs. only (Posters are different on each set! Set A: blue gentle Sehun, Set B: green sweet Sehun).

This is [Sehun selected new Cera Moisturizing Disney Edition Set] easy to dry and delicate to give Xunqis the most gentle care! In addition, [Sehun stickers] and [Sehun Transparent Polaroid Card] is included. Price: 258 Yuan (original price: 600 Yuan). Limited of 2000 pcs only


1. Mask Sets: Includes 10 boxes of masks (5 sheets in one box) – 5 Soothing Hydra + 5 Vital Hydra, 1 poster (Choose between Gentle Sehun Set (Blue) or Sweet Sehun Set (Green), 1 Transparent Polaroid.
2. Disney Edition Ceramidin Toner + Cream Set: Liquid Moisturizing Toner 150mL + Cream Moisture Barrier Protector 50mL, 1 Sticker set and 1 Transparent Polaroid.

Shop here –> TMall

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June 05, 2020

Everyone said they wanted to see a new Wu Shixun (Sehun) and I received your comments. So we came today to deliver a fresh Xunxunni (Sehunnie? I guess..). Isn’t his freeze frame so handsome that everyone wants to cry? If this is not enough, everyone remember: At 12 nn on June 6, go to the broadcast room of the official flagship room of TMall. If we reach 41,200 viewers, we will unlock a new video of Sehun! Those who will come, please write “Dr. Jart is great! Wu Shixun (Sehun) is handsome”

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May 29, 2020

Starting today, you can also visit Sephora’s official website to enjoy Shixun’s (Sehun) beauty ~ There are… [info about products and sets] enjoyment on the 29th.

P.S. Wait patiently everyone, we will have new materials very soon ~

Visit Dr. Jart’s page on Sephora’s site here.
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