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April 14, 2021

EXO-L Lysn: Q & A with Sehun

Eri: Say something to yourself on your birthday.
Sehun: Do what you want to do.

Eri: Is there anything you really want to do on your birthday?
Sehun: Play with EXO-L!

Eri: What is your most memorable birthday episode?
Sehun: It is when I had a birthday party with my fans for the first time since my debut! Those of you who were there, scream!

Eri: Tell me what’s your wish for this year’s birthday.
Sehun: It’s a wish, so it’s a secret.

Eri: Say a word to Eri who celebrated your birthday!
Sehun: Thank you! I love you!

EXO-L Japan: Sehun’s Message

“EXO-L Japan! I haven’t written to you in a while, I’m Sehun! Are you doing well? Today is my birthday, but I hope it can be a happy day for everyone too.

I also want to eat delicious food and spend a good time. Take care of your health, let’s meet soon! Do you understand? Please wait until the day we meet again!”

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Translation Credits:
Lysn Translation: @hunniesday
EXO-L Japan Translation: @quinsehun

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